27th February 2017

We have spent this week using our Talk for Writing strategies to learn the poetic text of “The Iron Man.”  This involves using actions, using our own poetry/narrative maps and boxing up texts.  These are very visual ways to remember a text and will help us to write our own poems in the near future, using the original text and creating a basis from which to create.

Time!  It is so tricky to learn time.  When you teach the subject, you can’t help but begin to realise how awkward it really is!  The whole class has worked very hard to understand the basics and some of us have made additional progress in converting units of time to solve word problems.  

We have started learning how to play pop lacrosse with Mrs Tuddenham.  The children always need to have their entire P.E. kit with them every day – but especially at this time of year when we try to take the opportunity to play sports outside in the fresh air at every available opportunity.  This activity is best played outside – we need lots of space!

Our total handshakes remain in single figures, which means we are far away from winning the award.  We need to think of more strategies to earn more!

Fantastic!  100% this week!  We get to share the award with other classes this week as we weren’t the only class to turn up for school for every session.

Composer of the Week
Our composer of the week is Emily!  Without fail, she listens carefully during teaching and always works hard to achieve her best.  Well done, Emily!