23rd January 2017

Our Talk for Writing approach to English and writing has meant that this week, we have used visuals and actions as a prompt for re-telling the extract from Charlotte’s Web.  We have also started to unpick sections from the extract of the story to focus on which grammatical strategies has made the paragraph “work.”  From this “unpicking,” we will create new targets for our own writing in a couple of weeks’ time, after practising using them in short learning activities.

We have used diagrams and then used simple multiplication facts to create equivalent fractions.  Consequently, we have learned once again that we really need to learn our times tables facts!

This week, we have enjoyed learning about some aspects of the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar and then done our own “thinking and wondering.”  This has led to us writing our questions and then carrying out research via the internet in order to try to find the answers!  We have also learned a little more about the life of a Roman soldier.  We’re not sure if we could walk 20 miles every day, carrying all our belongings!

Here are some photos showing us learning some combat moves, to music, in preparation for choreographing a routine of our own!

We earned 5 handshakes this week.  We need to think of better strategies to earn more!

Again, some of our children have suffered with the usual winter germs, so our attendance was 94.4%

Parents’ Morning
It was lovely to welcome half a dozen parents and grandparents into our lessons on Tuesday morning.  Thank you for popping in!

Composer of the Week
Ethan has been so helpful this week.  Every afternoon, at the end of school, he has helped tidy our room by putting chairs on tables (without being asked) that have been forgotten by others.  Thank you, Ethan!