16th January 2017

We have started looking at an extract from the story called, “Charlotte’s Web,” by           E.B. White.  We have taken part in some shared reading and are working together to try to remember the events.  We have done well to recognise some recent writing targets such as fronted adverbials and a sentence of 3 (actions).

Lots of images and diagrams have been used this week to start to recognise fractions.  We will soon be trying to recognise equivalent fractions!
Here are some photographs to show how we learned to recognise and show a given fraction with a denominator of 100.  We enjoyed this activity!

A new history topic – Romans!
The children have enthusiastically created a timeline including the main dates and events and looked at the extent of the Roman Empire across Europe and even parts of North Africa.  We are starting realise how powerful the Roman Emperors were!

Mrs Smith taught the children vocabulary to describe modes of transport and here are some images to show you those new words.

Over the past week and 3 days from the first week back, we were awarded with 9 handshakes.

A couple of our children have suffered with the usual winter germs, so our attendance was 97.4%

Composer of the Week
Harry has been thinking carefully this week and choosing whether to he would like to challenge himself and work on his own, or whether to work in a small group – to great effect!

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