26th September 2016

English: We have continued to rehearse the re-telling of Jack and the Beanstalk together, as a class.  Creating a visual story map has worked well to prompt and remind us of the main events of the story.  Using actions to represent some of the connectives and nouns within the story has been a useful tool also.

Mathematics: A continuation of our place value work, which this week has involved trying to solve questions that are less straight forward and require us to do deeper thinking and reasoning to arrive at the answers.  Some of them have been quite taxing but we are proud to say that we are now much more willing to “have a go” and not be scared of failing.

Topic: We have really enjoyed creating our beanstalks using wire and pliers to fashion the branches and stalks.  It has been a challenge at times but the results have made all the effort worthwhile and as you can see from the photos, we have all had to super powers of concentration!

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Our handshake total was 5 this week, which is fewer than last week, but I’m sure we’ll try very hard to earn more next week. 

Our star of the week is Eden.  He has worked hard and enthusiastically all week.  A great role model for us all.

Our attendance was 100%!   We are very proud of ourselves and are determined to try to attain the same score next week.  Watch this space!