19th September 2016

English: We have been practising our reading skills by answering questions on a text using effective strategies such as underlining the key words in the questions and then scanning the text for the same key words.  Then, we read around the key words to find the answer to the question.  In readiness for our writing task, we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk together so that we really know the events of the story.

Mathematics: Lots of work involving place value; even including values up to thousands!

The children were really excited on Friday, which was of course, our Roald Dahl dressing up day.  Many of us came into school dressed as Roald Dahl characters.  It was lovely to see all the different characters parading around the school all day!

Our handshake total was 9 this week.  It was really pleasing that many of our handshakes were awarded in recognition for acts of kindness!  Well done, Beethoven.

Our star of the week was Zak.  His good sitting and listening when we sit on the carpet for our learning has been exemplary.  Congratulations Zak!

Our attendance was 96.2%