5th December 2016

English: We continue to learn the features of a non-chronological report and next week, we will be recapping how to paragraph and our new learning will be to use relative clauses (adding additional information by using which, who, whom, that) and subordinating conjunctions (for example, in addition, furthermore, however and so on).

Mathematics: We continued to manipulate different resources to tackle division calculations and then advanced to using our times tables to solve calculations as well as showing remainders.  We will be progressing to the “bus stop” method next week

Take Five
Our class ambassadors, Tamzin, Eden and Zak took part in their second training session on Monday (2 more to go!)  The children now know the sequence of steps in respect of the practice and will be practising in small groups next week to build their confidence before taking more of a leading role in class.

Our star of the week is Tilly Jones.  She is a kind girl and was happy to be a good friend by reading to Jack Morris-Gagg.

Unfortunately, we suffered a lot of absences last week, so our attendance dropped to 94.8%   I’m sure we’ll bounce back and improve for next week.

Our score last week was 12 – way behind the leaders!  We’ll try harder next week!