12th December 2016

English: We continue to work on our Non-chronological report and practised paragraphing and using a relative pronoun to add further information to a sentence (which, whose, whom, that, who).  We will be writing our own report next week, focusing on a giant of our choice.

Mathematics: We have been very busy working towards our Christmas Crafts afternoon and a small working party have been writing a balance sheet showing the cost of expenditure in order to work out what we should charge for our creations!

Take Five
Our class ambassadors, Tamzin, Eden and Zak took part in their third training session on Monday (1 more to go!)  The children gained in confidence by working in small groups to rehearse the practice in preparation for taking more of a leading role in class.

Christmas Crafts
It has been a very busy week preparing for Carr Hill’s special event on 12th December.  We have spent many happy hours working in groups and elf teams to get our products finished.  We are looking forward to Monday!

Our star of the week is – all of us!!  We have worked so hard, as a super team, on our Christmas Craft.

Unfortunately, we suffered a lot of absences again last week, so our attendance dropped to 94.8% I’m sure we’ll bounce back and improve for next week.

Even though our score was in the teens, it was way behind the leaders.  We’ll keep trying!!