7th November 2016

With the last week of half term being a short one, we didn’t “blog” – so our Blog this week is a bit of a catch up.

English: During the final week of last half term and the first couple days of the current half term, we finalised our Jack and the Beanstalk stories.  We were proud of our efforts for including some challenging improvements by way of working to a set of targets.  Some of us are presently typing up the beginning of our stories to show the variations in scene setting.

Mathematics: Our class enjoyed much success and progress whilst learning how to subtract involving zeros (tricky!!) and securing/becoming more confident when subtracting with and without making exchanges.

Topic: We have finished our “Sound” topic and especially enjoyed using musical instruments to investigate what affects the change in pitch and volume.  

Trip to the Theatre Royal in Nottingham to watch their production of “George’s Marvellous Medicine.”  The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the production and smiled, beamed and laughed throughout the performance.  Oliver Morley said, “It was the best thing I’ve ever seen!” Here are some photos taken from inside the theatre.

Diwali week: Our topic focus this week has been Diwali.  The children have learned some of the basics about the Hindu religion and the story of the origins of Diwali (Rama and Sita).  They have experienced a variety of arty activities, such as making diva lamps from clay, drawing Mehndi designs and tasting a typical Diwali sweet treat.  The lamps still need to be painted and decorated, but here are some photographs of some of the activities undertaken.

Our shoebox appeal has got off to a fantastic start, with Eden Crabb bringing in 3 boxes.  Thank you so much, Eden.

We had a very important job to carry out this week.  We voted for our class representative, who is to be our voice during school council meetings.  Many of the children were nominated and then we all had a chance to vote for our favourite nominee.  It was a tough decision but all the children enjoyed taking part in the process.  Congratulations to Charliann Adams and William Thorpe, who were tied for first position.  Many thanks to William who, with great maturity, handed over the reins to Charliann and agreed to be our deputy. 

Our star of the week is Neisha.  She has been super brave over the last couple of weeks.  Well done!

We were awarded an attendance certificate this week because we managed an attendance of over 98%.  We got 98.8%  

We’ll try for 100% next week again!