28th November 2016

English: Using different reading strategies, we have managed to learn and remember lots of detail about “The Tree Giant.”  For instance, we have used lots of physical actions to represent parts of the text and have used them alongside our reading.  In addition, we have “boxed up” each paragraph, picking out the most important words and written them in the appropriate sections alongside little hand-drawn images.  We found that these reading strategies are a brilliant way to help us to remember the text.

Mathematics: After applying the vertical method to help us to solve word problems, we have just moved to “division” and started off in a practical way, using counters and cubes to represent the sharing and grouping of a calculation as well as showing the remainder.

The Potato Bus

All the children visited the potato bus earlier in the week and were invited to take part in activities on the bus.  They enjoyed an hour-long session learning all about potatoes and where they come from. They found out how to prepare the soil and plant potatoes, when they are grown and harvested and how they are stored to keep them fresh. They had a go at the type of grading, sizing and weighing that takes place in potato factories and learn about the many different ways to eat potatoes and how important they are as part of a healthy balanced diet.  All the children had the opportunity to taste some samples at lunchtime.

Take Five
I’m sure the children have talked about Take Five.  This is an initiative that we are promoting in school which involves the children taking part in simple breathing techniques which are intended to bring calm to the classroom, boosting pupils' resilience and wellbeing.  Three members of our class; Tamzin, Eden and Jack have started training as ambassadors so that they can start to lead our sessions.  They are excited and enthusiastic about the benefit of Take Five.  

Our star of the week is Samuel South.  He has worked so hard with his multiplication calculations recently and has made some super progress.  Well done, Samuel!

Hurray, we’re back up there with our attendance percentage!  We got 98.7% last week and were awarded with a certificate.  Well done, everybody!

Handshakes: Beethoven didn’t get a huge handshake score, but enough to get us into 3rd position!  Well done, us!