14th November 2016

English: Our writing this week gave the children the perfect opportunity to “invent” their own story based on a structure of a “wishing tale” – meaning the main character wanting or wishing for something, making a journey to a new land or new place to attain the “wish” but having to contend with a problem or dilemma on the way.  The story then ends with the problem resolved and usually a “happy ever after!”  The children have let their imaginations run riot and reading the stories and adventures to each other has kept us entertained.

Mathematics: An introduction to multiplication and division this week – looking at arrays and groupings related to times tables.  Next week, we will focus on written methods of calculation.

Topic: The children had lots of comments to make and ideas to share when we started to look at our new geography topic.  We will be learning about “gigantic” features, such as rivers, mountains, deserts and volcanoes (which links nicely to our overriding topic of “giants.”)

Our star of the week is Jack Morris-Gagg.  He has tried so hard to concentrate, focus and work sensibly in class.  Well done, Jack!

We just fell short of being awarded a certificate for achieving an attendance of 98% or over.  Our attendance was 97.8%

We’re going to put an extra special effort in next week!