3rd October 2016

English: We have practised using direct speech in our writing, which meant that we had to use inverted commas and then remember to place punctuation within the inverted commas.  Also, we have tried to use a “sentence of 3” (3 actions) to enhance our descriptive writing.  It was easy enough to think of the 3 actions, but then a little more taxing to structure those ideas into a sentence punctuated with a comma and “and” in the correct place.

Mathematics: Our final week of place value.  We have rounded numbers of up to hundreds of thousands to the nearest 10 and then to the nearest 100.  Wow!

Topic: Well – what a musical week!  We have concentrated on learning a song called, “Lean on Me,” by Bill Withers. Surprisingly, some of the children had heard it before and also recognised “Lovely Day” by the same composer.  A few of us began the week not liking the song, having the opinion that it was “boring” or “old-fashioned.”
However, by the end of the week, I think we’d just about converted everyone into finding some kind of enjoyment from singing together as a class.  We were very proud of what we learned and because so many of the children enjoyed the experience, we thought you would like to listen to us!

Our handshake total was 8 this week, so we did succeed in increasing our total from last week.
Onwards and upwards!

Our star of the week is William.  He has worked himself almost to a frenzy in his attempt to complete a speed square within 5 minutes.  He did succeed with his personal target and then continued to move through 2 more speed squares! Well done, William, for motivating yourself so well.

We had hoped to match our 100% of the previous week, but it was not meant to be. (97.4%)  Maybe next week?