17th October 2016

English: Finally, the day arrived when we could start writing our versions of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have learned the original story, learned how to write a sentence of 3, use reported speech and fronted adverbials and then practised including them into texts.  Now we are creating our own stories and including all our new learning.  We are only part of the way through, but I have to say that all our hard work is paying off because the standard of our writing is very pleasing!

Mathematics: Lots of practical use of apparatus (dienes in particular) has meant that lots of the children are confident subtracting one number from another and most of us can make “exchanges” with confidence.  We will be progressing to making subtractions with numbers involving zeros!  We have made a couple of recordings where the children have tried to demonstrate how they have used dienes to show their understanding of subtractions.  We hope you enjoy seeing how we have been showing our learning.

Topic: Due to our Harvest Assembly rehearsals (and we hope you enjoyed the assemblies), we have only had one topic lesson this week, where we learned that sound waves travel more easily through some mediums that others (solid rather than liquid and gases) because the molecules are packed closer together in solid matter and therefore, vibrate more easily.

Our handshake total was 20 this week, and guess what?  We won!  Well done everybody for being so kind and helpful.  We have been recognised for our thoughtfulness.

Our star of the week is Oliver.  He always has a smile on his face and never fails to cheer us up!

Our attendance was not so good this week as a couple of children have been poorly.  We managed 96.5%  
We’ll try again next week!