10th October 2016

English: This week we have spent quite some time planning for the writing of our version of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have had some really good ideas!  Our theme is the same but we have personalised the events to make it “our” story and can’t wait to put our ideas into words.

Mathematics: Addition calculations have been the focus this week.  Most of us are using the vertical method and lots of us can “carry” values.  We especially enjoyed Friday’s activity when we had to check our additions involving measurements by using measuring equipment such as rulers and metre sticks.  It also gave us the opportunity to use our measuring skills.  You can see how practical it was from the photographs!

Topic: We have started learning about how sounds are made and how we hear them.  It is a tricky concept to grasp because, of course, sounds waves are invisible!  We think we have grasped a good understanding though.

Our handshake total was 6 this week, so unfortunately we have experienced a slight dip again.  We’ll try again next week.

Our star of the week is Evie.  She deserves the award because she voluntarily made an effort to spend time with someone who needed a friend.  Well done, Evie!

Our attendance was 100%  A superb effort from everyone!  Fantastic!  We’re aiming for another high attendance next week.