17th July 2017

Much of the earlier part of this week was spent completing the last spate of assessments for the current academic year.  Finally, they are done!  We have spent some time revising as much as we could, time permitting, and I have to say the children have done their very best!  So now a little time remains to continue with normal lessons.  Hurray!

As a follow up to our trip to Twycross Zoo, we have started to plan a discussion text where we will write a balanced argument.  We will be debating whether animals should be kept in zoos.  Discussions have already shown that the children are thinking about this question in a very mature manner.  The challenge will be to try to produce a “balanced” argument where neither one side of the argument nor the other is favoured.  However, in the concluding paragraph, the children will have the opportunity to put forward their own opinion.

Much of this week’s maths was a series of revision lessons and then testing.  However, the children have also been working on an open-ended project designing their own zoo, focussing on applying their learning related to area and perimeter in order to include enclosures and pathways to given criteria.


Composer of the week

This week’s nomination is Marcelina.  She showed such positivity and tenacity working in her maths revision lessons this week.  Well done, Marcelina!

We have almost completed our topic booklet, where the focus is Buddhism.
Summer Enterprise
A few false starts re our Summer enterprise but we are just about ready!
Composer of the week

A much more positive number of handshakes -  11!

A much better week, thank goodness!  We have been awarded another attendance certificate.  Well done, Beethoven.

10th July 2017

We have given our writing a little rest this week due to practising spellings and grammar in readiness for assessments.  We have also been practising reading comprehensions – again to prepare for final assessments.

Another “back to basics” week, where we have continued to practise the four operations, finding fractions of amounts and revision of units of measure.  An afternoon was also spent learning the difference between perimeter and area.  We then applied this learning to try to find missing values relating to shape.

We are steadily working through our topic booklet, where the focus is Buddhism.

Summer Enterprise
We are discussing a number of options and the children are now finalising their plans in readiness for making lots of money (we hope!)

Composer of the week

Elysia received a superstar certificate this week because she was eager to practise some fraction work involving addition, subtraction and finding missing values and she voluntarily completed some extra work at home. Fantastic attitude, Elysia! Be proud!

Composer of the week
Elysia received a superstar certificate this week because she was eager to practise some fraction work involving addition, subtraction and finding missing values and she voluntarily completed some extra work at home.  Fantastic attitude, Elysia!  Be proud!

Only 5 handshakes, I’m afraid.

Well, after winning last week – this week we were bottom of the pile!  Hoping for a higher percentage next week.

2nd July 2017

This week saw the return of Mrs Piper. The children were all very pleased to see her back and enjoyed working with her once again.

Mathematics was a return to basic week. The children worked on their four operation skills and showed that they could choose an appropriate strategy to solve whatever calculation was placed in front of them. They also looked at fractions and recapped how to add, subtract and calculate fractions of values.

Discussion is the new English focus. The children read a couple of different discussion texts and used these to identify the key features that will be required when they write their own. They also magpied some useful words and phrases which Mrs Piper is looking forward to seeing in their writing. The children also spent time this week looking at the different types of determiners and where they can be found in a text.
We collected 8 handshakes.
Our attendance was a very good 99.5%

23rd June 2017

The highlight of last week was Tuesday’s trip to Twycross Zoo. The children enjoyed taking part in the classroom session where they got to meet and touch one of the zoo’s tortoises and one of the cockroaches. The children had a fantastic day and enjoyed looking at the wide range of primates and other animals. A selection of the photographs taken can be seen below. On returning to school, the children completed a written recount of their day out during their English lessons.

Mathematics focussed on revisiting and revising the arithmetic methods that are needed to solve calculations. Working in pairs the children completed several sets of mixed questions which required them to bounce from one skill to the next. It was very pleasing to see the children tackling some challenging questions.

Friday was sports day. All of the children participated in at least one event. Whether it was the sprint races, the obstacle and relay races, or the long distance ones, the children tried their best and had a fun afternoon.

Last week we collected 7 handshakes.
Our attendance was a disappointing 86.1%

22nd May 2017

Mrs Drayling has had another lovely hard working week in 4B.

She has helped the children to investigate different styles of headlines and set the children the task of writing a headline for their newspaper story over the weekend. The class has also considered the effect that conditionals have on sentences. At the end of the week the children did some hot seating work to generate quotes ready for next week’s newspaper report writing.

Mathematics focused on co-ordinates. The children thoroughly enjoyed using different co-ordinate grids to both encode and decode message. They found Friday’s co-ordinates challenge more difficult but persevered and managed to decide which letters needed to be placed in which positions on their grids.

As the photographs below show, the children had a fantastic gymnastics lesson with Mr Bell which involved creating some interesting balances.

Last week we won the handshakes competition with 22 handshakes.
Our attendance was 95.2%
Our composer of the week was Luke for working hard on his handwriting.