12th March 2018

As we are half way through the academic year, this week has seen us focus on our assessments to show how much we have learned so far.  Mrs Hilton has been so impressed with our attitude to our learning because we have approached each assessment with a very positive and mature attitude.  This has ensured we have been able to demonstrate our increasing confidence and skills throughout the week.

One of the highlights of the week was making fossils by creating a sand cast which we then used as a mould before Mrs Hilton poured filler into them which we have left to set and are looking forward to being “archaeologists” and uncovering the hidden fossils.  We also created some fabulous dramas to demonstrate how a fossil is created – Mrs Alford was particularly impressed with one that she saw being performed.  

Another highlight of this week was when Mr Grayson brought his climbing gear into school and taught us about the processes involved in climbing.  We were fascinated by his many photos including some of the Nepalese people who live at the base of the Himalayas and his equipment was very exciting.  This has really inspired us for our Mountain Day when we will be attempting to climb Mount Everest. 

The final highlight was World Book Day which we celebrated on Friday – three parents managed to join us for books and biscuits and we completed a variety of book related work including a book quiz where we had to name the book from the opening sentence.  Unfortunately no-one from our class was on the winning team, but we all managed to score at least 15/35 which was an impressive starting point.

Our Star of the Week this week is Keira for her positive attitude towards the assessments that we have completed. All the children have worked brilliantly and each and every one could have been the Star of the Week for this same reason so well done Keira and well done to everyone for their hard work and great attitude - keep it up!