5th February 2018

Our focus has continued to be on multiplication this week as we have worked to develop our skills through the expanded method to using a shortened formal method.  After a few hiccups, we have progressed well with all but a handful of children succeeding in mastering the short formal method and those that haven’t yet mastered it, have shown real success in using the expanded method.  We are continuing to work well using Times Tables Rockstars and Mrs Hilton has challenged us to compete in a battle of the bands with the other two Year 4 classes.  However, at the moment we are being beaten by both of them!  Come on 4ALW, let’s get battling.

We have continued to use volcanoes as a stimulus for our writing this week along with the poem The River which we have used to stimulate our poetry writing in its format.  We are really proud of our poems and have spent some time publishing our final drafts which you will be able to see next week on our blog.  We have demonstrated great use of personification, simile and metaphor in our writing and are now much clearer in our understanding of the differences between simile and metaphor.

In topic work, we have begun to build our own volcanoes so that we can use them to observe how different materials can be used to create the effects of an eruption – we are currently researching the best materials to use for this.

Our Star of the Week this week is Erin for the determination and perseverance that she has shown this week with multiplication.  She has worked steadily to understand the expanded method and then, through sheer persistence, developed her understanding of the short formal method with 2-digit numbers which she then went on to attempt to understand with 3-digit numbers.  Great work Erin – keep it up!