19th February 2018

Maths:  This week we have completed a short unit on area.  We began the week by counting squares to find out how much space a shape covered.  We became really confident about counting whole squares and began to predict the amount of space using our knowledge of times tables because we spotted a link between the two.

English: In English, we continued to use the book “Escape from Pompeii” to stimulate our writing and after using the image of the volcano to stimulate our descriptive writing using figurative language and hyperbole, we used it to create a comic strip retelling of the story.

This was completed after completing a reduce activity where we had to take away 2 or 3 images several times but could still retell the story from the images that were left.  We continued doing this until we were left with just 4 images from the story – take a look at four of the finished ones.

In addition to our Maths and English work, we completed some volcanic artwork – using paint as the medium and blowing the paint to create the moment when the volcano explodes.  We are really pleased with the effects we have created (some of using a straw to add detail and others using finger painting as well!) and the finished product really does give the impression of the volcano exploding.  Please take a look at them.

Our Star of the Week this week is Rick who displays enthusiasm and interest in all aspects of our work.  He asks some super questions to deepen his understanding and knowledge and can always be relied upon to try his best.  Keep up the hard work Rick and be proud of yourself.