29th January 2018

Maths: This week, our focus has been on developing our multiplication skills so that we are able to multiply numbers beyond our tables knowledge.  We have looked at how we can multiply and manipulate 3 single digit numbers to make our lives easier as well as looking at different ways to partition numbers – using x(10+1) and x(10+2) to multiply by 11 and 12 (and extending to include 21,22, 31 and 32, etc) and using x(20-1) to multiply x19 and then extended this to include x18, x29, x28, and x39, etc ).

English: We have thoroughly enjoyed linking our poetry work to our topic work, using the focus of volcanoes as a stimulus.  We have story mapped a poem The River which we are using to structure our independent poems and have really developed our ideas of personification using volcanoes.  We are now confident in our use of similes and personification and are developing our confidence creating our own metaphors.

The highlight of this week was when Mr Haslam wandered into the class and we abandoned what we were going to do in favour of creating our own river systems in a tray.  It was brilliant.  We were able to see the meanderings of the river as it became a larger force.  We also spotted waterfalls where the water caused the underlying rock structures to collapse and we saw tributaries and rivulets at the beginning where the ground became saturated from the rainfall.  It was a fantastic way to understand the life cycle of the river especially where we saw the estuaries forming, although none of the systems created a delta which was something we had struggled to understand.

Our Star of the Week this week is Lily who, along with Summer and Daisy, performed her story map of the poem The River brilliantly.  There was lots of action and dynamics with her voice which brought the poem to life.  A brilliant performance by all.  Well done girls.