15th January 2018


This week we have continued our work on multiplying and dividing 10 and 100 with the focus being on dividing by 10.  We have shown lots of understanding about how the digits move when we divide and have developed this to understand why the 0 “disappears” through our use of Place Value charts.  These, along with the ITP “Moving Digits” have really helped us to grow our understanding and have enabled us to show off our skills in our hot task this week.

In English we have been focussing on developing our argument skills – we have looked at the moral behind a video clip of “Lily and the Snowman” with the focus being on whether Lily should keep the Snowman in the freezer or not.  As part of this work, we completed a conscience alley which we used to formulate our arguments to write a letter to Lily to explain why we thought Lilly should (or should not) continue to keep the Snowman in the freezer.

We have also been working on developing our skills in science and creating circuits.  We had the problem posed, with a selection of equipment, to make the bulb light.  After a few false starts where we put the wires to the same ends of the battery, or we put the wires to the centre of the battery, or we put the wires to the wrong parts of the bulb, Logan and Jake began to gain success but couldn’t maintain the light.  This encouraged the others and finally Jayden, Alice, Keira and Liam successfully light the bulb.  Later in the week, we were presented with a similar problem but this time we had to create a switch so the light could be used to transmit Morse Code messages – after a lot of experimenting and a bit of help Summer worked out she could use the cardboard to create a hinge and therefore a switch, we all began to gain success.  It was great fun!

Our Star of the Week this week is Sophie for the confident way that she has approached the hot tasks and times table Rock Stars this week – we have really seen a growth in confidence over the past week in her mathematical self-belief.  Well done and keep it up!