3rd December 2017

This week we have started work on our understanding of multiplication.  We have demonstrated good understanding of the multiplication calculations shown by different arrays and begun to demonstrate our clear understanding of multiplying by 10.  We are looking forwards this week to developing our skills in multiplying by 10 and 100 before using our understanding of multiplication to solve missing number problems.

Our persuasive leaflets continued to develop during the week as we spent our time using the fantastic adjectives that we had created to describe the experience both children and their teachers would have if they visited Beaumanor Hall.  We are currently writing up final copies using ICT to create a finished product which will be on display during our Beaumanor experience afternoon.  We are hoping to add some to our blog as well so watch this space.

One of the highlights of the week was watching the Foundation Stage nativity performance of Mary’s Knitting with many of us joining in the very catchy songs from it.
Our Star of the Week this week is Alice for the hard work and effort that she put in to up-levelling her Beaumanor writing.  You have made some super improvements Alice – well done and keep it up.

We received 6 handshakes this week.

Working on our Beaumanor leaflets: