6th November 2017

This week has seen our focus remain on subtraction.  We have steadily been developing our skills involving exchanging.  For some of us, this has proved quite tricky but, with persistence, we are steadily developing the necessary skills to subtract any 4-digit numbers.

We have discovered a new type of poetry this week which involves taking a piece of text (often a newspaper) and selecting words to keep while blacking out the rest of the text.  It’s called Blackout Poetry and was developed by Austin Kleon.  At first it was quite tricky to create because you have to select words in the order that they come in the text to create a sentence before working to blackout the words that you don’t want to keep.  As we worked on different texts, it became easier to create our own rather than wanting to keep the meaning from the original.  

This week has seen us creating sunset images with a London silhouette for the foreground to create a backdrop to the idea of war-torn London and the Blitz.  We enjoyed creating the sunrise using a colour wash and have worked hard to create the silhouettes of a London skyline using black sugar paper and chalks for the smoke to represent the burning city.

Our Star of the Week this week is Wayde for his kind and caring nature.  He has given up parts of his playtimes this week to help a friend find his lunchbox and coat and he has also encouraged class members who have no one to play with to join him and his friends - what a fantastic friend to have.  Keep it up Wayde!

We received 14 handshakes this week.

Our art work – creating the sun set images and the  blackout poetry.