2nd October 2017

This week we have moved on from rounding numbers to another aspect of place value – the effect the position of a number has on its value.  We have explored this using different equipment including money, counters and Dienes apparatus.  This proved to be very successful and we went on to deepen our understanding of numbers using “Always, Sometimes and Never” statements.  This proved to really stretch our brains and our thinking as we developed our explanations and our convincing strategies when discussing our thoughts with people on our tables and with the rest of the class.


We began our study of Rose Blanche by completing a reading comprehension based on an extract from War Boy by Michael Foreman.  This initially instigated an in-depth discussion of the meanings of a number of unfamiliar words and terms.  We used our inferential skills to unpick the meanings of these new words and phrases based on what was happening in the story at the time.  Having been introduced to life during World War II during this work, we went on to study an image from Rose Blanche which we made lots of deductions and predictions which led us to generate many questions about the story.  Continuing to develop our inferential and deductive skills, we were given three images from the story which we had to order and then tell the story of.  This led to much discussion about why certain images should go first and why.  The children really impressed me with their attention to detail and their reasoning.

Having completed an Indiana Jones style challenge last week, this week our challenge was to create a message using Morse code which we recreated using black paper and silver foil to give the impression of it being reflected across from one side of Colditz Castle to the other.
Our Star of the Week this week is Noah for being a very observant and keen member of the class.  He can always be relied upon to spot things that need further discussion and is often our chief notice.  Well done and keep up all the hard work.

We were really disappointed this week to come last in the attendance race.  Hopefully we will have a better week next week and earn another certificate!