9th October 2017

This week we have finished our place value work by considering the different ways you can partition numbers.  We have investigated ways to change thousands, hundreds and tens into hundreds, tens and ones in different ways.  We had lots of fun playing with the different place value manipulatives that we have in school while learning different ways to rearrange the ensuring that we created the same numbers.

Our week focused on the reading of the novel, Rose Blanche which has superb images that tell the story in addition to the words that are used.  Our reading consisted of lots of discussion and inference based on the images that we could see.  Mrs Hilton was really impressed with the quality of the conversations that we had and the questions and predictions that we generated based on what we read and could see in the pictures.

Topic work
Our topic work has really begun in earnest as we began our research into World War II.  You can see a clip of our sorting activity before completing research questions about when the War started and why along with other discussion points such as what was the event that had the greatest impact and why.

The good news this week is that our attendance has really improved this week as we achieved our target from last week – we have earned another voucher – watch this space to find out what we’re spending it on!

Our Star of the Week this week is Jake for the superb effort that he is putting into all aspects of his work – he is always ready for lessons, he listens carefully and talks enthusiastically with a variety of talk partners before demonstrating equal effort in producing quality work.  Well done and keep it up.