18th December 2017


Well this week has been all about Enterprise!  
At the beginning of the week we seemed to have recovered from the dreaded sickness bug, but then the end of the week arrived and it struck again causing our attendance to plummet yet again.

Fortunately though, the beginning of the week was the time when we were focussing on preparing our goods for the Enterprise afternoon.  This went really well – we worked really well in our teams to create 4 different hot chocolate cones – Santa, Mrs Clause, Elves (red and green hats) and Rudolf.  We used various different sweet treats to create our cones and were very pleased with the overall effects when we added googly eyes and red noses.  However we still had a number of cone bags left so we decided to make some smaller, less decorated cones with just hot chocolate and marshmallows in them.

Well, on Wednesday afternoon, after a delicious Christmas lunch, we set out to persuade and appeal to the various parents and friends to visit our class and buy our hot chocolate cones.  We worked so hard that we managed to sell our entire stock (all 75 of them) and take orders for a further 30!  This gave us a profit of over £50, although we do need to buy extra bags and hot chocolate powder to create the additional cones so do not have a final profit until Mrs Alford has decided how many cones she would actually like.

We hope everyone who bought a chocolate cone enjoys their hot chocolate (if they haven’t already done so) and would like to say thank you to you all for your support in our efforts.
Our Star of the Week this week goes to Lana for all her efforts alongside Katy to persuade people to visit our classroom. She explained clearly what we had produced and how we had designed the cones.  Well done and thank you to both girls.
We received a miserly 2 handshakes this week!

9th December 2017

A week of illness, assessments and enterprise!
Hopefully we are beginning to recover from the sickness bug that seems to have children (and staff) dropping like flies resulting in our attendance figures dropping again.

That said, the children, when they have been in school, been working incredibly hard to demonstrate their fantastic skills in reading, maths and SPAG as we have been completing our assessments all week.  Mrs Hilton has been really impressed with the attitude that we have approached these assessments with and the hard work that we have put in.

When we’ve not been demonstrating our skills, we’ve been working on our enterprise project – hot chocolate cones!  We have designed, costed and created posters to advertise our hot chocolate cones which we are planning on selling at the enterprise afternoon on Wednesday 13th – the plan is to create reindeer, Santa, elf and Mrs Claus hot chocolate cones to sell.  Watch this space next week for news of how we got on.

The final fantastic part of this week was the bombing raid that happened in Mr Haslam’s classroom on Friday – all of Year 4 gathered together to watch the bombing of the Anderson shelters that we had worked hard to create.  There were lots of ooohs and ahhhhhs as many of the shelters survived the bombing (there were just a few marks/indentations to show where the bomb had hit) or were damaged while just a few were spectacularly destroyed (either flattened or had a hole big enough to poke a finger through).  Take a look at our videos of the bombing where you will see a 1kg weight being dropped from 1m each time to ensure they were all tested fairly.  Thank you to all parents, family members and friends who helped in the design and building of these shelters – everyone did a great job.

Our Star of the Week this week is Katy for the spectacular and impressive way her Anderson Shelter was destroyed when it was bombed – it did and amazing backflip and ended up landing on its top.  Great work though Katy, it was very impressive along with all the others before the bombing started.

We received 5 handshakes this week

3rd December 2017

This week we have started work on our understanding of multiplication.  We have demonstrated good understanding of the multiplication calculations shown by different arrays and begun to demonstrate our clear understanding of multiplying by 10.  We are looking forwards this week to developing our skills in multiplying by 10 and 100 before using our understanding of multiplication to solve missing number problems.

Our persuasive leaflets continued to develop during the week as we spent our time using the fantastic adjectives that we had created to describe the experience both children and their teachers would have if they visited Beaumanor Hall.  We are currently writing up final copies using ICT to create a finished product which will be on display during our Beaumanor experience afternoon.  We are hoping to add some to our blog as well so watch this space.

One of the highlights of the week was watching the Foundation Stage nativity performance of Mary’s Knitting with many of us joining in the very catchy songs from it.
Our Star of the Week this week is Alice for the hard work and effort that she put in to up-levelling her Beaumanor writing.  You have made some super improvements Alice – well done and keep it up.

We received 6 handshakes this week.

Working on our Beaumanor leaflets:

27th November 2017

We have had a most fantastic week working on measures, focusing on length including finding perimeters.  At the beginning of the week, we were really unsure of converting measures between km and m but by the end of the week we had all cracked this and were able to confidently convert from one to another and back again, including using decimals for half kilometres.  We have worked hard to understand perimeters and our hot tasks have certainly shown that our understanding has increased exponentially.  Fabulous work everyone!

We have continued to work on our retelling of our persuasive leaflet about Yorkshire Wildlife Park which is helping us to understand the structures of persuasive leaflets before we begin to write our own – watch this space next week!  We have also worked really hard to understand the different types of sentences that we will need to include – simple, compound and complex.

After a lot of hard work, we finished the week with a visit from Stanley the sentence wizard (AKA Mr Haslam) and his grammar gorilla (AKA Mrs Goulder).  The gorilla had scattered sentences all around the phase 3/4 classrooms and library and Stanley needed our help to sort them.  In pairs we had to go around collecting different sentences and identifying them before recording them on our record sheets.  All the teachers were really impressed with the quality of our conversations and the way we applied our knowledge to uncovering the different types of sentences.

Our Star of the Week this week is Ruby for the fantastic way she has applied her understanding of sentence types in class discussions.  She was able to lead much of the partner talk in a positive way, demonstrating her clear understanding of verbs and identifying correctly the coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) and therefore the subordinating ones (I SAW A WABUB).  Well done Ruby.

We received a disappointing 4 handshakes this week.