20th November 2017

This week in maths we have been sorting out measurements in metres and kilometres.  We are brilliant at converting from kilometres to metres.  We have used bar models to solve word problems and looked for connections between our kilometres and number bonds work.
Our persuasive writing has continued to develop through our Talk 4 Writing work – we have learned a persuasive leaflet about Yorkshire Wildlife Park, some of which is attached to this blog.  We designed our own actions and had to create our own story map for different paragraphs.  We are hoping that this will really help us to write our own persuasive leaflets for Beaumanor.

Anti-bullying Week:
This week was anti-bullying week with the message “All different, all equal”.  For this we watched the film Daisy Chain and thought about what strategies Buttercup Brie (the main character) used to stand up to the bullies.  We then created our own daisy images to show the things we can do to stand up to bullies – some of our suggestions included being kind to them, sorting things out with the help of an adult and speaking out if you have a problem.

Our Star of the Week this week is Gracie for the consistent effort and hard work that she puts in to all aspects of her work.  She has enthusiastically joined in with the Walk on the Wildside persuasive leaflet and persisted in maths to really improve her skills.  Fantastic efforts – keep it up! 

We received a disappointing 3 handshakes this week.
Completing some of our Antii-bullying Week activities on Children in Need day

We have been rehearsing our persuasive leaflet – A Walk on the Wildside – watch our efforts on these clips.

13th November 2017

Well what a busy week we’ve had!
Maths: This week our focus has been subtraction and to enable us all to achieve our potential and develop our skills to the max, we worked with children from different classes.  This has really helped us to gain confidence through the use of sweets to develop our exchanging skills to lots of talking to develop our reasoning skills.

English: We have started to look at persuasive writing with the intention that we will be writing a persuasive leaflet about Beaumanor Hall.  We have identified the features of persuasive writing using AFOREST and will be using these techniques in our writing over the next two weeks.

Topic: The highlight of this week though was our visit to Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire.  We had a fabulous day discovering what it would have been like as an evacuee during WII.  We began the day (earlier than usual) sitting in a community room having the billeting situation explained to us, including about how old Mrs Jones was the villager to avoid going home with!

Some of us were a little bit worried and concerned at this point that we really were being billeted but then we realised none of us (including Mrs Hilton-Loom) had our National Identify Cards and the ladies were explaining that this would mean a fine of 6 weeks wages and a month in prison! Just as we thought we were going to be in serious trouble, we were whisked off to the listening station to listen to various messages which we had to send to Bletchley Park for decoding.

After lunch, we went into the air raid shelter and took part in a simulation of an air raid that lasted 4.5 minutes, but for some of us, this felt much longer.  After that our final session of the day was to do with rationing – we finally had the chance to create our ID cards as well as writing out our shopping lists and shopping (with old-fashioned currency) in the local shop with ration books and old pennies.

Our final task was to write a postcard home to tell our parents how we were settling in to our new families homes.  We will be telling you much more about this experience during our Beaumanor Experience – watch this space for more information.

Our Star of the Week this week is Rick for the fantastic interest that he showed during the visit – he asked lots of really sensible questions and was a super ambassador for the school.  Well done Rick and keep it up!

We received 5 handshakes this week – tiny compared to Y2 who earned 40!

6th November 2017

This week has seen our focus remain on subtraction.  We have steadily been developing our skills involving exchanging.  For some of us, this has proved quite tricky but, with persistence, we are steadily developing the necessary skills to subtract any 4-digit numbers.

We have discovered a new type of poetry this week which involves taking a piece of text (often a newspaper) and selecting words to keep while blacking out the rest of the text.  It’s called Blackout Poetry and was developed by Austin Kleon.  At first it was quite tricky to create because you have to select words in the order that they come in the text to create a sentence before working to blackout the words that you don’t want to keep.  As we worked on different texts, it became easier to create our own rather than wanting to keep the meaning from the original.  

This week has seen us creating sunset images with a London silhouette for the foreground to create a backdrop to the idea of war-torn London and the Blitz.  We enjoyed creating the sunrise using a colour wash and have worked hard to create the silhouettes of a London skyline using black sugar paper and chalks for the smoke to represent the burning city.

Our Star of the Week this week is Wayde for his kind and caring nature.  He has given up parts of his playtimes this week to help a friend find his lunchbox and coat and he has also encouraged class members who have no one to play with to join him and his friends - what a fantastic friend to have.  Keep it up Wayde!

We received 14 handshakes this week.

Our art work – creating the sun set images and the  blackout poetry.

23rd October 2017

This week in maths we have continued to develop our addition skills.  We have been extending our reasoning and problem solving skills with addition – we had to work out what the missing values were in a range of addition calculations.  To begin with we found this a bit tricky but with a little bit of thought we soon realised how to solve them and were able to build our confidence and success.

Our focus has been our hot task this week – we have built up our skills in using extended noun phrases and fronted adverbials to develop the content of our descriptions.  We finished the week demonstrating our improved skills as we wrote about an image stimulus from Rose Blanche which really impressed Mrs Hilton – she could really see the improvements since our cold task.

Another highlight of the week was performing as part of the Harvest assembly.  It was wonderful to sing in front of so many parents and friends.

Our Star of the Week this week is Gosia for the persistence and enthusiasm she has shown for Purple Mash spelling tasks.  Well done Gosia I can really see that your effort and enthusiasm is having a positive effect on your spelling.

We received 5 handshakes this week.