22nd January 2018

Maths: This week we have continued to build on our multiplication skills.  We are continuing to focus on Times Tables Rock Stars to improve our quick recall of our tables.  We have challenged ourselves to improve our standing in the Year 4 League table with Jake really taking on the challenge to beat Mr Haslam’s class.  Using our tables, we have developed our understanding and pattern spotting in the x11 and x12 tables, including using our x10 and then x units knowledge when we were multiplying three single digit numbers.

English: Our focus this week has been word types in grammar alongside figurative language including hyperbole.  We have realised how much more interesting text is to read when metaphors, similes and personification is used effectively.  We have gained confidence in spotting these different types of figurative language and are beginning to understand how to create our own, although sometimes we find it a bit tricky.  WE are developing our quick recall of word types by playing bingo with nouns, adjectives, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and proper nouns.

We are enjoying using the computers to research our new topic “Rock Stars” and have made good use of a variety of sites to find out the names of capital cities, currencies, flags and populations of six countries of our choice.

Our Star of the Week this week is Daisy for the superb way she has understood figurative language and hyperbole.  She has become quite adept at spotting metaphors and creating her own.  Well done. 

15th January 2018


This week we have continued our work on multiplying and dividing 10 and 100 with the focus being on dividing by 10.  We have shown lots of understanding about how the digits move when we divide and have developed this to understand why the 0 “disappears” through our use of Place Value charts.  These, along with the ITP “Moving Digits” have really helped us to grow our understanding and have enabled us to show off our skills in our hot task this week.

In English we have been focussing on developing our argument skills – we have looked at the moral behind a video clip of “Lily and the Snowman” with the focus being on whether Lily should keep the Snowman in the freezer or not.  As part of this work, we completed a conscience alley which we used to formulate our arguments to write a letter to Lily to explain why we thought Lilly should (or should not) continue to keep the Snowman in the freezer.

We have also been working on developing our skills in science and creating circuits.  We had the problem posed, with a selection of equipment, to make the bulb light.  After a few false starts where we put the wires to the same ends of the battery, or we put the wires to the centre of the battery, or we put the wires to the wrong parts of the bulb, Logan and Jake began to gain success but couldn’t maintain the light.  This encouraged the others and finally Jayden, Alice, Keira and Liam successfully light the bulb.  Later in the week, we were presented with a similar problem but this time we had to create a switch so the light could be used to transmit Morse Code messages – after a lot of experimenting and a bit of help Summer worked out she could use the cardboard to create a hinge and therefore a switch, we all began to gain success.  It was great fun!

Our Star of the Week this week is Sophie for the confident way that she has approached the hot tasks and times table Rock Stars this week – we have really seen a growth in confidence over the past week in her mathematical self-belief.  Well done and keep it up!

18th December 2017


Well this week has been all about Enterprise!  
At the beginning of the week we seemed to have recovered from the dreaded sickness bug, but then the end of the week arrived and it struck again causing our attendance to plummet yet again.

Fortunately though, the beginning of the week was the time when we were focussing on preparing our goods for the Enterprise afternoon.  This went really well – we worked really well in our teams to create 4 different hot chocolate cones – Santa, Mrs Clause, Elves (red and green hats) and Rudolf.  We used various different sweet treats to create our cones and were very pleased with the overall effects when we added googly eyes and red noses.  However we still had a number of cone bags left so we decided to make some smaller, less decorated cones with just hot chocolate and marshmallows in them.

Well, on Wednesday afternoon, after a delicious Christmas lunch, we set out to persuade and appeal to the various parents and friends to visit our class and buy our hot chocolate cones.  We worked so hard that we managed to sell our entire stock (all 75 of them) and take orders for a further 30!  This gave us a profit of over £50, although we do need to buy extra bags and hot chocolate powder to create the additional cones so do not have a final profit until Mrs Alford has decided how many cones she would actually like.

We hope everyone who bought a chocolate cone enjoys their hot chocolate (if they haven’t already done so) and would like to say thank you to you all for your support in our efforts.
Our Star of the Week this week goes to Lana for all her efforts alongside Katy to persuade people to visit our classroom. She explained clearly what we had produced and how we had designed the cones.  Well done and thank you to both girls.
We received a miserly 2 handshakes this week!