9th July 2018

Well this has been our week for assessments again.  Mrs Hilton-Loom has been really impressed with our attitude to the tests and the impressive spelling scores so far. 

One of the highlights for us was working with Graham again this week to develop our cricketing skills.  The other one was the opportunity to meet our new class teachers (including a new teacher Mr Parker) and to see who is going to be in our classes next year.  We have completed some work ready to put up on display in our new classrooms already.

Our Star of the Week this week is Noah for the particular effort that he has put into his spellings over the year – the hard work certainly paid off in his assessment as he achieved ARE for spellings.  Well done Noah.

2nd July 2018

Well, we’ve finally come to the end of a very busy week during which the children worked in the true traditions of being fantastic pupils at CHPS especially while we had our very important visitors.

Maths: We began our new unit on shape this week. Having shown that we really didn’t remember what coordinates were during the cold task, during our first lesson we were able to show huge amounts of progress as we confidently put counters and money in all the correct places using the coordinates given.  This super work continued with drawing different quadrilaterals and identifying the coordinates.

English: This week we finally came to our hot writing task for instructions and, having looked at and evaluated several different examples, we have started to plan our own in detail before writing them.  We have spotted links between instructions and the persuasive writing that we did earlier in the year and so are putting things like rhetorical questions into our instructions to engage the reader.

The highlight of the week was the chance to work with a cricket coach, Graham, on Friday afternoon to develop our Kwik-cricket skills.  It was great fun and we learned lots – there were some magnificent catches from ricochets: Rick from Callume; Logan from Callume; as well as Rick body saving one shot and Dylan catching another!  Have a look at the photos of our fantastic week.

Our Star of the Week this week is Logan for the skills and sportsman ship that he has shown during the coaching

25th June 2018

Maths: This week we have reminded ourselves of how to draw bar graphs and interpret them.  We then moved on to develop our understanding of graphs further with line graphs.  These were a bit more tricky because we wanted to use the spaces rather than the points that we had marked on our axes.  We then found it a bit tricky to mark the intersections accurately but persistence and support from one another we have been successful. Yeah!

English: Take a look at our videos of us performing Pinda Cake a performance poem by Valerie Bloom that we have been working on in Guided Reading.  We’ve really enjoyed learning this poem as we really enjoy the rhythm of the chorus and finding out about all the different cakes that she mentions.

One of the best bits of this week was our RE work where we had the opportunity to taste different foods related to Hinduism.   Once we had tasted the different foods, we designed created our own Samosas as part of our DT work and then wrote instructions for others to follow as part of our English work – wow! Three areas covered in just a couple of lessons – fantastic!  The other best bit of the week was exploring our new playtime equipment as part of our PE lessons.  Great fun was had by all – take a look at the photos

Our Star of the Week this week is Gosia because she found out about some of the national foods of Poland and brought in photos of them, taught us how to say their names and then told us about how her mum makes them and which her favourite is.  Thanks Gosia.

18th June 2018

Well what a fabulous week learning all about Road Safety and what we can do to stay safe.

Maths: Linking our maths to our road safety week, we found out about the stopping distances for different speeds as well as the amount of thinking time a driver needs.  This was a real surprise to the children as most of them thought that a car could stop immediately when travelling at 30 miles per hour.  We also spent time walking around the playground first of all to see how long it took to walk the different distances on our leaflets and then to see how far we could walk in 1 minute, 2 minutes through to 5 minutes.  The plan is that we will then use this information in our graph work next week.

English: Our English was also based around road safety with us planning, editing and presenting road safety leaflets for Key Stage 1 children with the focus on writing instructions.  We also watched and evaluated several road safety videos to decide the appropriate language to use and to see how they have developed over the years.

Our Star of the Week this week is Jayla for coming to school with her enthusiasm and drive for everything that we were doing.  She joined in with great enthusiasm and was keen to find out more from the Police and Fire Service personnel.

Take a look at our photos from the week …