18th September 2017

At the start of the week, we completed cold task practice sheets to find out what we already know about place value. Then we found out all about tricky Roman numerals like 100, 500, 400 and 50. Also we have been answering Roman numeral sums – we thought about are one Roman numeral question (XIV + XXXVI) and had to work out what other Roman numerals would give the same answer. We used 1-9 cards to make Arabic numbers into Roman numerals.  We have become really proficient in recognising what Roman numerals represent up to 100 and beyond.

At the beginning of the week, we looked at the biography of Florence Nightingale.  Our first job was to order the paragraphs after we had unpicked some of the tricky language (such as Parthenope – her sister or tuberculosis – a disease of the lungs).  Once we had organised the writing, we could see that it was written in sections that linked together.  We then looked at the features of this biography and the biography of Roald Dahl to see how they are constructed.   This is in preparation for us writing our own biographies about Andrew Lloyd Webber.  

class charter.jpg

Excitingly, we have begun our light project which is called “Escape from Colditz Castle” and this has allowed us to investigate mirrors and how we can move light with reflective surfaces.  We’ve also used the sun to find north – this was a bit tricky but lots of fun as we learned lots about shadows.

As it is the beginning of the year, an important job has been creating our version of the school charter.  We hope you enjoy reading what we think is important when showing respect.

Our Star of the Week is Ethan for the enthusiastic start he has made to the year.   He has demonstrated super listening skills and great team work.   Keep up the positive effort.  Well done

Identifying the features of biographies
Our first Spanish lesson!
Finding north with the whole of Year 4
Investigating the properties of light with mirrors.