20th May 2019

At the start of the week in Maths we explored how to tell the time. We used a number line up to 12 to help us find o’clock and half past. We then moved on to looking at analogue clocks and identifying o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. On Wednesday we recapped missing number problems, we talked about using different manipulative to help us and using the inverse operation to help solve the problems too. This was slightly tricky at first but the children soon got the hang of it when they drew the equipment and could see the exchange better. To finish the week we worked on arithmetic questions to build on our fluency of our prior learning. I am really impressed by how the Year 2’s have raised their scores through the week.

In English this week, the focus has been on reading comprehension for Y2 and phonics for Y1. Year 1 have enjoyed working on their phonics skills; they have played bingo, nonsense word snakes and ladders, making funny sentences and worked on words that have split diagraphs in. Year 2 have been working on their reading comprehension skills. They ensured that they were following our keys steps to success to help them find the answers to the questions.

In Topic, we have been keeping with our ‘Keeping Fit and Healthy’ theme by doing lots of different exercise activities such as running, hurdles, dribbling a football, bat and ball and climbing. We were working on our gross motor skills and perseverance. We also played ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’ to consolidate our learning of time.

And of course Friday was crazy hair day so here is a class picture of our craziness.

13th May 2019

This week in English we have been working on lots of different things this week such as:

Different types of sentences


And SPAG questions

In Maths, we have looked at been looking at 2D shapes, symmetry of shapes and reflections, measuring and statistics.

In Topic we were exploring the how to correctly use and store medicines safely. Once we knew about the safety precautions, we made posters which we bright and included key information about medicines. Take a look at some of our posters below.

6th May 2019

This week in English we have been looking at;






In Maths we have been choosing our own chilli challenges each day to revise ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION. Take a look at some of our ‘Think Further’ tasks.

This week in Topic we have been looking at ways to keep our bodies fit and healthy. We observed what our bodies felt like before, during and after exercise. A lot of us felt really tired after running around the court for 10 minutes and deserved a well-earned rest.

Also, we would like to introduce you to our class pet Vera, the hamster. Vera spends most afternoons running around the classroom in her ball and the class enjoy having circle time with her in the middle.

29th April 2019

Welcome back! We hope that you enjoyed the Easter holidays.

This week in Maths and English, we have been finishing off our fractions work and revising grammar that we have already learnt earlier on in the year.

In Topic, we started our new theme which is ‘Keeping Fit and Healthy’. To start this topic off we decided to look at our body and identify the different parts of it. The class loved doing this outside on the playground in groups and really tried hard!

Finally, as part of a challenge set by the Green Champions, we have also planted our carrot seeds in propagators to give them a helping hand before we put them out in our designated space outside. There will be prizes given out for

21st January 2019

In English this week our focus has been on Grammar. We have been looking closely at the structure of sentences and talked about nouns, verbs and conjunctions. Here are a few examples of what we’ve been working on.


In Maths this week, the Year 1’s have been using <, > and = to compare number sentences. They were then making their own number sentences by rolling dice or using number cards up to 20 and recording them. Year 2’s have been using Dienes to help partition to add 2 two digit numbers together and exchange 10 ones for 1 ten. They all tried really hard in maths this week.

This week in Topic the children have been working on plan views. We discussed what a plan view was and drew how we thought our classroom would look as a plan view. We then compared ours to a plan view of Tiln Lane, where we spotted Carr Hill.

On Friday during assembly, Mrs Alford introduced two new awards which are to be given out every week. The first is a Maths Star of the week and the other is an English Star of the week. The children will get a certificate and a trophy to keep on their desk to remind them of their achievement.

English star.JPG

Travis received the English star for trying so hard during phonics when writing CVC words.

Maths Star.JPG

Ethan received the Maths Star for fantastic effort when exchanging tens for ones in addition and subtraction.