12th November 2018

In English this week we have started looking at Poetry. We explored outside on the playground using our 5 senses to describe what we could hear, see, smell, touch and taste. Following on from this activity the children were identifying features of poems which could help them to act it out. Then the children then had chance to explore items which relate to bonfire night such as; pumpkin soup, bonfire toffee, fireworks, leaves and woolly hats and scarfs. The children used adjectives and similes to describe them.

In Maths, the children have been looking closely at addition facts. We have used a range of manipulatives such as Numicon and used different methods like bar models to show how we have been working out the answers. We have also used comparison symbols to compare sums to one another …this was quite tricky!

In ICT, the Year 2 children took a new Accelerated Reader quiz to get their new levels whilst the Year 1 children used 2publish to create their own Bonfire pictures.

To commemorate Remembrance Day we talked about the importance of the 11th Month of the 11th Day on the 11th Hour in 1918. We discussed what the poppy signifies and created our own poppy using sprayed CD’s, chicken wire and tie wraps. Each class created their own poppy which is now displayed around school (ours is currently on the school gates.) Hope you enjoy the timelapse video of us making it and the finished result.


29th October 2018

This week in English, the children have been using ‘Purple Polishing Pen’ to edit and improve their stories to ensure that their targets are included.

A huge well done to Darci! Who has won the Reading Lottery in our class. Mrs Horner and I have been so impressed by her effort in reading over the past half term and put her forward for the certificate. Darci received her certificate in assembly and got to choose a free book as her prize.

In Maths, the children have done their cold task on addition and subtraction. We have been looking at fact families and exploring different ways of doing our sums.

On Thursday this week, for our topic Commotion in the Ocean, the children had a fantastic afternoon working with adults from home to create an Under the Sea themed accessory. The children brought in their designs which they had done as part of a home learning project and worked with their adults to create them. Each accessory was unique to the children and were worn in all kinds of ways. Once the children and adults and finished making their creations we went to the hall and preformed a dance which we had be practising during indoor P.E. Both the children and adults seemed so proud of what they had achieved in the sessions. Thank you all so much for your effort and commitment designing and making the accessories! Enjoy looking at the pictures which were taken that afternoon.

22nd October 2018

In English this week the children have been using their story maps to start writing their own versions of the Julia Donaldson story Tiddler. The children have been trying really hard to include their targets in their writing and making it neat. I have been encouraging them to think about the sentence, say it and then write it to ensure that they make sense.


In Maths, the children have been looking at different ways to partition numbers by using manipulative and different models such as part whole and bar model. They have also been completing

Hot tasks to assess what they have learnt through the Place Value unit.

In Topic this week the children were exploring different reasons as to why the Titanic sank. The children had to sort through information cards and give reasons as to why they agree or disagree with them. By the end of the lessons, the children had to give a unanimous answer why the ‘Unsinkable Titanic’ sank explaining their opinions.

15th October 2018

This week in in English we have planned our own stories based on the book Tiddler by Julia Donaldson. The children have been able to think and record the beginning, middle and ending of their stories. They have chosen their own character and write a description which includes WOW words. Write about the problem in the middle of the story and how this problem will be resolved at the end of the story. Some of the children’s targets include; capital letters, full stops, neat handwriting, conjunctions, wow words and making sure that their sentences make sense.

In Maths this week we have looked closely at place value and recapped over a few strategies before doing their hot task. The children have shown fantastic improvement in their confidence and knowledge of place value. I am really proud of them!

The children are really pleased with their finished pictures of the vegetables the sketched and painted. So here are a few for you all to see.

8th October 2018

This week we were very lucky to have the opportunity to try Mrs Alford’s homemade vegetable soup. The whole class identified various vegetables and even had a little taste of the soup. We carefully did some sketches of the vegetables and either painted them or used pastels to add colour. I think we have quite a few artists in our class!

In English this week we have looked closely at sentence structure. We have practiced making expanded noun phrases and using time connectives in our work ready for writing our own version of Tiddler.

This week in maths we have been working on making numbers using manipulatives, ordering numbers and placing the correct numbers on different types of number lines. The children seemed to enjoy these lessons as they have been very practical and hands on.

24th September 2018

The children are really enjoying being back at school and getting stuck in to their lessons.

In English, the children have been listening and retelling the story of Tiddler by Julia Donaldson. They have enjoyed making actions up to the story to help the, remember the key parts. Here are a few pictures of the children enjoying some Julia Donaldson stories.

In Maths, the children are working on place value using lots of different manipulatives such as place value counters and coins to help them work out the values of numbers.

Our topic this term is Commotion in the Ocean, we have been looking at different sea creatures and classifying them. The children have enjoyed looking at baby animals and their mothers and matching animals up.

The children really loved our class trip to The Deep. They were amazed and in awe at seeing all of the different sea creatures. A lot of the questions the children had about the animals were answered during the trip.